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Hello, I had a good sleep haha 11p.m and wake up at 5.30 p.m woooo after bathing all go meet haziq than meet basirah and hidayah and gone to the frontier too see junior peform batucada. They peform so awsome and get a award n i donno what award is that haha..finish see batucada i, haziq, basirah, hidayah and faeh gone to eat at jurong point than till 9 to 10 + chill with basirah haziq and hidayah and went back home haaaa tires sleep time. Singoff. Dressing-room

Today (23-July-2010)

hey =)

      Hais down with fever very badly until i can’t concetrate on studies when after school got match with rascal and i play when i play i can breath and i almost fainted and i go out and quickly go home eat medicine and take asmer puff.. yea that all for today yar im just very sick and can’t think much peace!



Today (22 July 2010) sick :(

Hellow :(

         Sick today and never gone to school hais..hais running nose and fever mesti jangkit dari azelah ni haha … yea never go school but still can chill with basirah and play left 4 dead 2. With Azim, Muf and faeh haha when finish playing left 4 dead got this girl at the staircase call me cute that what muf say haha. I think she bline haha..When at safra toilet funny incident hat happen haha only azim muf and me only knows haha..

Yea walk back home eat medicine sleep like a hippo haha yea miss again takraw traning… Sorry haziq.. k than that for today bye need to sleep..



As Normal For Today =D (21 July 2010)

Ola Afik here again =D

                         Just now was Racial Harmony Day have to wear baju kurung haha like errr…..Very hot lei but nevermind last year in that school and my class just get third for Racial Harmony Day class award haha just a certificate pathetic haha and my band get first for Boon Lay Got Talent and also get certificate lol =.=..

Man….First time i keep quite at cpa and never talk at all haha. For homecon i Forgot to bring my thumbdrive grr make my life so hard and i can’t work for today because of this homec -.- must print again wth… last minute tell.

When i came back to school Basirah follow me to school to print the exam homec but i never wear a school shirt haha sorry basirah..She plan to study with me at school liabry but haha never wear school attire after printing my exam and tuffy i go chill2 with basirah outside school…just sit… talk… tickle.. lol. I donno why she love to tickle me…and out of sudden my heart feel like people grabbing it was very pain and i stop laughing hais..gtg now bye!



Happen In School Today (20-july-2010)

Sawadeecup afik here haha..

                                    Hmm…let me think about school just now i had English for 3 period haha very bored, P.e but i can’t go because of the health check up wth haha, 2 maths period than recess 2 science lesson and cpa haha cpa very chaostic some times i pity at the teacher but… nvm who cares lol….

Why does my feeling towards her very strong nvm stay strong afik!!! argh! Just now at school the best part of the day is kicking fazli legs haha. Team for kicking fazli legs : Wan, Isnin, Naabil and me haha lucky azrul not at there haha dangerouse boy..after school i went study at class room with Azelah, Syakina, Hanis, Arina, shafiyah and afifah but obviously i never study because i feel tired haha just listen song with them sorry Mates if i spell your names wrongly haha..

Hais i never go for takraw pratice today sorry haziq very tired because of they muay thai traning yesterday..hmm i cant think much for today hmm gtg now Peace!

Make Me Laugh For The Day:Wan, Aidil, Fazli, Tuffy and isnin haha

Make Me think they crazy: Syakina, Azelah, Hanis, and arina haha sorry guys =P but u guys cool :) love u all alot my fren… awwwwww wth..


~Dressing Room~

School esok =D

Hey XXXX here…

I hope tomorrow is a good day that never make my heart pain again haha, On 18 july 2010 is Isnin birthday haha Happy Bithrday my fren semoga panjang umor yar… da 16 sey budak to boo….Hope he have a better future when he grow up =D haha mandai… to isnin: takot pe monday tak datang skola haha eh back to my topic haha yea, I hope its a good that i know Taufiq, isnin and haziq is always by my side to cheer me up thanks yar guys susah nak dapat kwn ini mcm =D aww wth.. i still observing her you know rite who is her.. haha whether she show me that she love me than i can say to her that i love her still waiting =) if still not i think yea sudah takde jodoh kan …. nak buat ape tuffy ade pe =D okay cannot think anymore haha bye!~



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